Responsible Sourcing

As a leader in its industry, Hood understands the importance of conducting business in a way that maintains a vigilant focus on sustainability, social awareness, and community support. We know that investing our resources into the well-being of the world and people around us is the only way to give back to the world that has made our success possible.

Animal Care

As a dairy processor that buys raw milk and other dairy ingredients, we take animal mistreatment very seriously. We require our milk suppliers to adopt humane animal care and treatment as a core value within their organizations, and actively enforce and provide educational resources to support those practices on the farm. We are firm in our belief that the inhumane treatment of animals is unacceptable.

We encourage and support the dairy industry’s efforts to promote and enforce animal well-being, including the development of the FARM program and other international standards regarding animal care. We are committed to working with other’s in the industry to assure continued progress in this area.

We encourage and support the dairy industry’s efforts to promote and enforce animal well-being, including the development of the FARM program and other international standards regarding animal care. Some of the specific practices we have actively supported are the elimination of tail docking as a practice on the farm and dehorning through the use of polled breeding. We are pleased with the progress set forth by the National Milk Producers Federation to eliminate tail docking by the end of 2016 and we are committed to working with our industry partners to assure continued progress of polled breeding in the future.

Additionally Hood supports industry efforts to transition to cage-free eggs. We are committed to working with our egg suppliers to evaluate the industry’s capacity to provide cage-free eggs and are working toward using 100% cage-free eggs as supply and market conditions permit . 

Environmental Sustainability

Looking at a business from the perspective of environmental sustainability reveals opportunities to operate more efficiently. At Hood, we recognize the impact that human activities have on the environment, and we strive to understand and minimize our impact by working smarter and better.
Hood's Environmental Sustainability initiatives are highly visible throughout the organization and are driven by the Hood Green Team, an appointed team of executive employees from various business functions and chaired by the company's President & CEO. The Green Team primarily focuses on improving water usage, electric usage, truck payload, fuel usage, and recycling.
  • Hood also established corporate environmental sustainability procedures for vendors and suppliers.
  • Sustainability questions are incorporated into all RFI/RFP/RFQ documents. Suppliers must respond as part of the bid process.
  • Procurement of products, services and materials sourced from companies that demonstrate commitment to sustainability and quality are evaluated by individual buyers.
  • Suppliers are required to submit updated, regular reports in regard to environmental sustainability, and to communicate any Ecolabeling, 3rd party certifications and/or partnerships their organization has implemented.

Water Stewardship

HP Hood recognizes that the long term success of the company is built upon effective water stewardship. Water is an important natural resource for Hood and agriculture is the major user of water.

Hood is committed to operating its business in a way that facilitates responsible water stewardship in the geographies that it sources from and operates within.

Hood is committed to continuous improvement in the efficient use of water at its factory operations and supports the efforts of our farmers in addressing water quality and water usage issues.

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Hood has also established guidelines to ensure that our vendors and suppliers engage in sound environmental practices. Click on the button below to read more about Hood's Corporate Environmental Sustainability Purchasing Procedures,

Social Responsibility

Hood is unwavering in its efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking. Our first step is always to analyzing our own practices and our business. To that end, Hood is responsible for ensuring that human trafficking has no place in our direct supply chain.
  • HP Hood works to verify that goods in its supply chain are not produced by slavery or human trafficking. At the present time, this verification is conducted in-house; not by an independent third party.
  • HP Hood audits its direct suppliers to evaluate their compliance with HP Hood's standards prohibiting trafficking and slavery in its supply chains. At the present time, these audits are conducted in-house and are not independent unannounced audits.
  • HP Hood requires each of its direct suppliers to certify in writing that all supplied goods and materials comply with all laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of all countries in which each direct supplier is doing business.
  • HP Hood maintains internal accountability standards and procedures for its employees and contractors
  • HP Hood provides its employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management with training particularly with respect to mitigating risks within HP Hood's product supply chains.

Employee Safety

HP Hood has a longstanding safety process in place at every location to ensure that our employees have a safe workplace environment. As a company, we seek to engage our employees in the safety process through continual training on a variety of safety topics; we encourage them to be proactive in identifying hazards in the workplace and correcting them promptly. Our operational leaders, in-house safety professionals and safety committee members continually monitor workplace conditions and work together as a team to ensure a safe environment for all of our employee, customers and the general public.

Hood in the Community

For more than 160 years, Hood has been committed to supporting the communities in which it conducts business. Since dairy plays an important role in achieving good health, the community support efforts are focused on organizations that assist children and their families in the areas of health and nutrition. Take a look below at some of the organizations Hood has helped in the past.

Responsible Marketing

Because we pride ourselves on the health benefits and high quality of our products, our communications will not undermine the pursuit of a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Our marketing/communications efforts will not encourage or condone excessive consumption of any food or drink and we will continue to endorse initiatives that encourage good nutrition and active lifestyles, including the sponsoring of sports and other community events. We will direct our marketing communications in all media to adults who make household purchasing decisions and young people age 12 and older.